Ski Club is Back!

West Branch Ski Club comes back after being on hold for several years.


Image/Graphics by Jacob Alexander

Members of the ski club enjoy their first trip to Tussey Mountain this year.

The Ski Club has finally returned to West Branch after being shut down for a while due to COVID-19 restrictions and other reasons. The club has been back in business since January and consists of West Branch students who go out to ski or snowboard on weekends.

They get together and enjoy the cold weather, usually on Tussey Mountain or other nearby skiing locations. There are currently around eight to ten members in the club, and hopefully more to come, as it is free to join.

The group went on their first ski trip on Sunday, January 19th, at Tussey Mountain since it was too warm to ski on the previously planned date. On their ski trip, the club got to the school early and set out to Tussey at 7:30 a.m. They spent an entire day learning to ski and arrived home at 6:30 in the evening.

So far, they have held one fundraiser, selling hoagies through the Ultimate Sub Co. Some of the officers in the club are as follows; Erika Alexander as President, Logan Kolp as Vice President, Noah Emigh as Secretary, and Braeden Salter as the Treasurer. Phil Wood is the advisor, and Ashley Wessel and Mary Beth Moslak are volunteers.

With the West Branch Ski Club back in action, Mr. Wood says: “My favorite part about WB Ski Club is that students get to have experiences outside of their home community. Year after year, kids that join the club demonstrate kindness and use polite manners to others at these resorts that we visit. It makes me happy to see students using these behaviors to represent our West Branch community.”

My favorite thing about clubs like the Ski Club is that they can help kids get out of their comfort zone and try new things. With unique extracurriculars, students can find new favorite activities and try things they may not have previously considered.