Staff Member of the Month: Adam Carr

West Branch History teacher continues his passion for educating students.


Image/Graphics by Kaylee Wills

Mr. Carr in preparation for his next class period after teaching U.S. History 12.

With the return of Staff Member of the Month, Warrior Watch’s Staff Member of February is Adam Carr. Holding 18 years of teaching and counting, Mr. Carr has proved his dedication and passion for educating students.

While Mr. Carr teaches at West Branch, he also spent some time here before beginning his career. He is a WBHS graduate of the Class of 1998. During high school, Mr. Carr participated in several extracurriculars, such as baseball and basketball. After high school, he pursued his desire to teach at Lock Haven University. This year he teaches U.S. History 10, U.S. History 12, and Law Related Ed. Mr. Carr says he decided to seek a career in education because he “loves working with students and has a passion for history.” Although Mr. Carr sometimes faces difficult obstacles, his passion motivates him to continue teaching.

Not only do students see him as a teacher and coach, but most importantly, he is a leader. Mr. Carr has instructed as the head coach of the Track and Field team for 19 years. In addition, he coached Jr. High girls for six years and Jr. High boys for four years. Aside from just at West Branch, he also coached 5v5 Flag Football in Dubois and helped coach various tee ball, coach-pitch, and kid-pitch baseball teams over the past six years. 

Mr. Carr occupies himself in various ways when spending his time at home. Mr. Carr has been married for 11 years, and they have three children, ages nine, seven, and two. His oldest is Axton, his youngest is Valla, and the middle child is Zoren. He also has two dogs, Koops and Dax. Koops is a full-blooded Siberian Husky, whereas Dax is a mix of breeds, which Mr. Carr cannot remember. While he is kept busy with his pets and spending time with his family, he sometimes plays video games on the PC. Stemming from high school, Mr. Carr still enjoys basketball and baseball and continues his interest by playing on adult teams. Although instead of baseball, he participates in a slow-pitch softball league.

Warrior Watch recognizes Mr. Carr as an extreme contribution to the community here at West Branch. Congratulations to Staff Member of the Month, Adam Carr!