Riddles: What Would You Choose To Survive?


Noah Fry, Author

The choices you make on these questions will expose your survival skills.

Riddle 1: You are stuck on the top floor of a skyscraper that is about to be demolished. There are no windows or stairs, and there’s nobody to help you. You have to choose one of three elevators to escape. Inside Elevator One is a spider, that can bite and poison you so that you’ll be dead in under three seconds. Inside Elevator Two are mosquitos that carry a disease. The vaccine to cure this disease is very rare. Inside Elevator Three is boiling water that will scald you to death. Which elevator do you choose?

Riddle 2: You’re lost in a cave, and don’t know where to go. There are five passages that lead you to the outside of the cave. In Passage One, there is a landslide, and the tunnel will immediately fill with stones. In Passage Two, there is poisonous gas that is extremely toxic to animals. In Passage Three, there are blood-sucking bats. If you get bitten, you are infected with a deathly disease. In Passage Four, there is molten lava that can kill you in seconds. In Passage Five, there are radioactive plants. The radiation can kill you. What passage do you choose?

Riddle 3: You are in a prison cell, with enough food and water to last you three days. However, there is an escape to freedom. You have to choose between three doors. Behind the First Door, is a wall of fire. Behind the Second Door, there is a mama polar bear and her cub. Behind the third door, is a lake full of hungry crocodiles. Which door do you choose?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A9di3JH3pM

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