FCA Badminton Tournament Success

Students participate in the return of the FCA Badminton Tournament.


Image/Graphics by Kaylee Wills

Competitors have a quick discussion with Mr. Learish before the games begin.

On March 17th, West Branch Phys. Ed., Health, and Drivers Ed teacher David Learish hosted an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Badminton Tournament for students grades 7-12th in the new gym of the High School.

For the tenth year, Mr. Learish offered the opportunity for students to gather and compete in a fun competition of Badminton. This game started around 5:30 p.m., with all courts full, consisting of 18 players, including the middle schoolers. It ended three hours later at 8:30 p.m., with the High School winners being Zach Mcgonigal and Lukas Colton. Zach and Lukas left with a 12-0 record, remaining undefeated the entire tournament.

Mr. Learish has enjoyed showing his love for his religion, students, and one of his favorite sports. He enjoys watching his students have fun and “listen to the good news about Christ.” Learish says, “Jesus gave his life for us. A love that is unmatched.” When Mr. Learish was growing up, he and his sisters often played in the backyard over the clothesline because they could not afford a net. Fortunately, they did not let that hold them back from having fun.

With the successful turnout for the FCA Badminton Tournament of 2023- we hope to see students again in 2024!