Making a Comeback

Sadie Carter, a teenage mother, juggles the responsibilities of parenthood while pursuing her diploma at West Branch High School.


Image/Graphics by Connor Bordas

Sadie Carter, a senior at West Branch, is pictured enjoying the outdoors along with her daughter Joyce.

Most teens would not choose to be a parent if given the option. Having to grow up so fast seems complicated and overwhelming. Teen parents often face criticism from others, but despite this, some manage to succeed. However, unlike many of her peers who have become parents at a young age, Sadie Carter, a senior in our cyber program at West Branch, will graduate in 2023 without allowing the opinions of others to impact her academic achievements or life negatively.

Sadie had never aspired to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a teenage mother, but life had other plans for the 16-year-old. On September 26th, 2020, Sadie discovered she was pregnant with an unexpected baby girl. Even in shock and disbelief, Sadie decided to keep the baby. And thankfully, Sadie didn’t go through this pregnancy alone.

Sadie received immense support from her family and boyfriend, Connor Bordas, enabling her to remain optimistic and persevere. Connor helped Sadie as he was always there to cheer her up and keep her happy, helping whenever possible. For instance, Connor remained in the room with Sadie during the delivery, holding her hand and offering reassuring words. He would even stay up with Sadie and help with her schooling. Nine months later, Sadie gave birth to her daughter, Joyce, while surrounded by the love and support of her family.

Being a teen mom, balancing school, grades, and the responsibility of being a mother has been difficult. Unlike average teens who do sports, extracurriculars, or have an after-school job, Sadie has a daughter to take care of on top of an after-school job. Only about 50% of teen moms receive a high school diploma by age 22. Sadie is the exception and will be graduating at the age of 18. Sadie pushed through the challenges of being a teen mom, believing that if she gave up on balancing parenting and schooling, it would only change the outcome negatively. Sadie works on her schoolwork when Joyce goes to bed, leading to late nights filled with little sleep. Sadie has had her ups and downs but always remembers why she’s pushing through the obstacles; it is all for Joyce. Sadie’s motivation is getting her high school diploma and a stable job to provide for her daughter so she can live without worrying about their financial situation. 

While interviewing Sadie, I asked her what she would like to tell others struggling in this position. She responded by saying, “Just keep pushing. It may be hard, but as long as you keep going, everything will be fine, and your future for your child and you will be better.” 

Sadie has never regretted having Joyce; she believes having her changed her perspective on life and helped her realize that not all unexpected surprises are bad. Sadie embraces the fact that Joyce’s birth has brought about a unique journey for her, accepting that she can’t relive her teenage years or have the same experiences as others but finding contentment in the role her daughter plays in her life, regardless of what others may think.