Renovations of Beaver Stadium

The Beaver Stadium gets a budget for a new renovation.
Renovations of Beaver Stadium
Image/Graphics by IOMEDIA

Pennsylvania State University (PSU) announced recently that they have been approved a 700 million dollar budget for renovation. This budget was approved by the PSU’s board of trustees,  For a new renovation or even possibly a new facility. Even though all the details have not been released PSU has confirmed that they will positively Keep the name of Beaver Stadium. Although the official starting point has not been released PSU has said that the stadium should be done for the 2027 football season. 

During the board of trustees meeting for PSU, Neeli Bendapudi the president of PSU stated that they will not be building a new stadium because it is more economical to build a renovation than it would be to start construction of a whole new stadium. Neeli Bendapudi thought it was crucial to add the fact that none of the renovations will be funded by the student tuition, student fees, and or any other educational budget of PSU. As said previously most of the details on the renovation have not been officially released, but PSU has confirmed that a big part of the renovation will be focussing on the complete remodeling and reconstruction of the west side of the Beaver Stadium. PSU has also confirmed upgrades to the concession, restrooms, and stadium Wi-Fi facilities. Another important thing to add is that when the renovation of the restrooms and concession begin it would be impossible to do these renovations without taking out some seats. The PSU has said that it is not a big issue and won’t be that many seats. Some of the big concerns of the fans have been discussed by PSU and Neeli Bendapudi. These concerns consist of the history of Beaver Stadium mainly focussing on the name, but no need to worry PSU has stated they will keep the name of Beaver Stadium like as previously discussed.

Since the official finishing date has not been released, PSU has said that their mission is to have the new renovations of Beaver Stadium hopefully completed by the football season of 2027. So to all those Penn State fans get ready for a future full of a renovated Beaver stadium, and hopefully some new snacks at the concessions.

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