Seniors Finally Decide Which College Suits Them Best

This year seniors at West Branch have the tough process of choosing which college will guide them to their future.
Alayna Philips tours Bloomsburg with her mother on a day off from school.
Alayna Philips tours Bloomsburg with her mother on a day off from school.
Image/Graphics by Briana Finney

Deciding which college is the best fit for someone can be difficult. The process here at West Branch started with visiting the college fair at the Clearfield County Fair Grounds. When visiting this fair, students were able to visit multiple college tables and talk to representatives to learn more about the campuses. Students were also informed to visit at least three tables and to ask important questions. 

The next step in this process would be taking into consideration which college would suit the student best and start planning visits. Students at West Branch are given three days off from school to visit college campuses without being counted as an absence. It is important when touring campuses that students keep in mind what would best work for them. Considering the atmosphere, food options, and programs is a key factor when deciding what college would suit someone best. A statement by Brooklyn Myers says, “The location of Bloomsburg, while also having a great nursing program, is one of the major reasons I am considering going there.”

The third step in deciding on a college would be the application process. When applying, it can be complicated to have all of the necessary information to complete the application. Most colleges will let a student apply for free if they have visited the campus before. If this is not the case, the student would have to pay a fee to apply. The cost of these application fees can vary from different colleges. When applying, a student is to fill out the first part of the application, which is then sent back to the college to review before sending it back. Once the application is sent back, the student is then required to give the necessary information the college is requesting. All colleges require high school transcripts to be sent to them. The student would have to contact West Branch to have them fax over the student’s transcripts. Depending on the college, some would need an SAT score for the application as well. Some information to send over to colleges as well would be a letter of recommendation or an essay written. 

The final step would be waiting on feedback from the colleges the student applied for and finally making a decision based on the letters they have received. It is important in this process to decide which college would fit the student best. Consider the distance, family, and friends to make this decision to ensure the college would be the best fit. 

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