Tyler Biggans Breaks the Ben Schools All Time Passing Yards Record

Tyler Biggans shatters the all-time passing yards record at West Branch High School during an intense showdown against Mount Union.
Tyler Biggans drops back to throw a pass to a teammate.
Tyler Biggans drops back to throw a pass to a teammate.
Image/Graphics by Alisa Liptak

On Friday, September 15, the Warrior varsity football team took on Mount Union for their fourth game of the season. Unfortunately, the Warriors were unable to pull out the win, losing with a score of 50-27. On the bright side, senior quarterback Tyler Biggans broke the school record for all-time varsity career passing yards.

Entering the game, Tyler was only two hundred and six yards away from breaking the record. He was able to do that with ease, breaking the record in the second half of the game.

Tyler finished the game throwing for two hundred and eighty-nine yards. The previous record was held by Ayden Gutierrez, as he threw for three thousand one hundred and ninety-three yards in his varsity career. Breaking down Tyler’s career, he threw for eight hundred and eighty-four yards his freshman year. During his sophomore year, he threw for exactly seven hundred yards. In his junior season, he threw for seven hundred and eighty-two yards. Finally, in his senior year, he has currently thrown for one thousand and ninety-three yards.

The football team still has five more games left in their regular season. Within these next five games, Tyler looks to add even more yards onto his new personal record, making it even harder for the next starting quarterback after him to break his record.

This is a big accomplishment for Tyler and for West Branch as Tyler will get his own trophy displayed inside the trophy case outside the gym. When asked how he felt about Tyler breaking the record, sophomore Coby Kephart said, “I think it is great for Tyler because he has been a huge factor in our team’s success this season, he has earned every bit of it, and I am happy for him.” You can catch Tyler and the Warrior football team this Saturday as they travel to Curwensville to take on the Golden Tide.

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