YMCA Christmas Program

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Mrs. Petersons sociology class gathers in front of the presents they wrapped for the YMCA Christmas Program.
Mrs. Peterson’s sociology class gathers in front of the presents they wrapped for the YMCA Christmas Program.
Image/Graphics by Carrie Peterson

During the holiday season, money can be tight and times can be stressful. Some families aren’t as fortunate as others and may not be able to provide their children with gifts for the holiday. Due to this, a worker at the Philipsburg YMCA decided to see what she could do to help ensure many local families could have a good Christmas. Judy Sinclair created the YMCA Christmas program over 40 years ago, her inspiration was that “all kids deserve a good Christmas.” There are two sides to this program, benefiting and giving. If your family or a family you know could benefit, simply contact Judy at the YMCA at the number (814) 342-0889. If you’re looking to give gifts or money donations for the program, you can also contact Judy at the same number. On a phone call with Judy, she said, “This program started out with about 12 families, and is now up to 500 kids a year. This specific year in 2023, there are over 400 kids in need of Christmas presents. Some families have up to 6 kids, but most have about 3-4. The program provides for kids at the following schools: Philipsburg, Moshannon Valley, and West Branch. Those who adopt bring the gifts to the Philipsburg YMCA. All gifts need to be in by December 10th, and the gifts are given to the families on December 17th.” If you agree with Judy and believe that all kids deserve a good Christmas, and would like to “adopt” a kid for the holiday, you can get in contact with Judy and ask for a kid or family. You will then start to shop for what is on their list. You can never put a price on a smiling kid on Christmas morning, so if you’re able to help donate to this program, you’re strongly encouraged to do so.

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