Why Schools Shouldn’t Convert to a Four-Day Week

Should schools change the original 5 days a week to 4?
Is it better for the students to have 4 day school weeks?
Is it better for the students to have 4 day school weeks?
Image/Graphics by Addison Collar

There has been recent talk about some schools deciding whether or not they should switch to a four-day week. Since schools have to have a certain amount of hours, not including lunch, this would make the days longer to make up for missing hours. When talking to fellow students and teachers of mine, I asked which they would prefer, a four-day week, or a five-day week. Abby Diviney says, “If we had longer school days, that would mean not as much time after school for free time or school activities.” Another Student, Ally Shingledecker,  says, “I already have a hard time getting out of bed, it would be a struggle to wake up earlier. I also think students are tired enough and would be more exhausted if they had to be at school longer.” I asked a few more students who were also against the idea, and they said around the same things as Abby and Ally. I asked a teacher of mine, Mrs. Levonick, and she stated, “I like the perspective of it from a teacher, but I haven’t thought into it enough as a parent.” After I sat down and thought about this idea myself, I decided that I was against it. I that think students are exhausted from the length of school as it is, on top of staying after school for extracurricular activities and spending time at home on their homework or studying. Another element I considered is the parents. Depending on what day we have off, parents who work Monday through Friday might have a difficult time trying to find people to watch their kids who aren’t old enough to stay home alone, or who need rides to and from school. I believe changing school days from 5 days a week to 4 days a week, with longer hours at school, would not be a good idea and would cause too many complications for many people.

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