Should West Branch Start a Debate Club?

Reasons why West Branch should start a Debate Club.
Should West Branch ponder the potential of a new debate club?
Should West Branch ponder the potential of a new debate club?
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West Branch has had many clubs over the years and still has a handful. However, the number of clubs in the school has been dwindling slowly. I believe that a large number of our students would be pleased with new clubs being introduced to our school. If a debate club was introduced, it would allow some of the students who are not in any after-school activities to have a pastime while being engaged in school activities. If schools are as concerned with our education as they say, then a debate club would be a great investment. Not only would it be a fun pastime, but an educational activity teaching students about the use of logical fallacies. Along with this, it contains lots of educational skills such as public speaking, staying calm during intimidating and stressful situations, and helping with college applications. Evelyn Lloyd, a junior at WB, states, “Although I wouldn’t be intrigued in joining, I think I would enjoy watching and cheering on debaters.” I believe that a debate club would be the most beneficial for students, but that doesn’t mean that other clubs are not as important as well. I think that most kids would appreciate a debate club because most kids argue with their parents and with each other. A debate club would teach students the difference between debating and arguing, along with teaching kids how to be respectful and insightful towards another point of view that they disagree with. I think that lots of students would like a debate club, but I understand that due to funding, it could be hard to start a debate club. On the other hand, I feel that debate clubs are one of the more affordable clubs because they wouldn’t need much funding other than competitions with other schools and transportation to other schools. Although I have preached that a debate club would be beneficial, I just think that our school should use more clubs to fit the hobbies of students. As said before, making more clubs to fit more kids’ interests would improve the students’ future along with their current education. So what do you think about a debate club?

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