“Maybe Now” You’ll Read This Series

Book Review of Maybe Now written by Colleen Hoover.
The cover of Maybe Now written by author Colleen Hoover.
The cover of Maybe Now written by author Colleen Hoover.
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Maybe Now is the third and final book in author Colleen Hoover’s, Maybe Someday series. I think that this is her best book in the series. The narrators change in this book and are different than the other narrators in the first two books. Unlike its predecessors, the narrative in this book shifts among Ridge, Sydney, Maggie, and introduces a new character, Jake, offering multiple perspectives.

The book begins with Ridge and Sydney’s first night together since Sydney moved out and Maggie broke up with Ridge. Following this, the story delves into Maggie’s perspective, where she embarks on a skydiving adventure, aiming to tick off items from her bucket list before her health further deteriorates. Maggie’s tandem jumper, Jake, sees Maggie and develops a crush on her, and Maggie develops a crush on him. Right when they are about to jump, Jake asks her out on a date for dinner because she is his 500th tandem jumper, and Maggie says she will answer when they land safely. Maggie and Jake safely touch down from their skydiving adventure, and Maggie accepts Jake’s invitation to dinner. As they share a meal, Maggie finds herself increasingly drawn to Jake, and the feeling is mutual. Despite her deepening affection for him, Maggie grapples with the reality of her declining health and hesitates to embark on a relationship with Jake, fearing she may burden him when she becomes more unwell. Later, they return to Maggie’s home to fulfill another item on her bucket list. However, when Maggie awakens the next morning, she discovers Jake has vanished from her room. She is happy that she will never see him again. She walks out to her kitchen to make herself a waffle, and there is Jake cooking her breakfast. Maggie panics and kicks Jake out of her house.

For days, Maggie wrestles with sadness, grappling with her strong feelings for Jake. Eventually, she resolves to take action and schedules an appointment at Jake’s cardiologist office. Upon his unexpected encounter with her, he advises Maggie to change out of the gown and head home. Promising to visit her later, once he’s finished his work for the day. While Maggie is changing, she gets a really bad cough and blacks out because of her illness. She is then rushed to the hospital. After Jake is done working, he goes over to visit Maggie but waits at her door because he is scared to go in. He then gets a phone call from his son, Justice. Maggie overhears bits and pieces of the phone call, and when Jake ends the call and goes in to talk to her, Maggie asks about Justice. Maggie again kicks him out of the room.

Ridge and Warren are the only support Maggie has, so as soon as they know she is in the hospital, they go up to see her. She ends up leaving before she is discharged, and Ridge and Warren stay at her house. During this time, Sydney and Bridgette have some bonding time, and Sydney finds out that Bridgette is not that bad of a person, and they begin to start a friendship. Maggie posts a picture of Ridge sleeping, and Sydney sees it and gets really upset. Ridge then gets really upset and makes Warren leave Maggie and go home to their apartment. This makes everyone really mad and uncomfortable. After some conversations together, the group decides to move Maggie into their apartment complex so that when she is sick, it is not such a strain on Sydney’s and Ridge’s relationship.

The group decides to explore a local cave together, ticking off more items from Maggie’s bucket list. Maggie extends an invitation to Jake, who warmly accepts. Upon their arrival, Jake meets everyone, and the gathering unfolds smoothly, marking another positive experience in Maggie’s pursuit of completing her bucket list. Before they leave for the cave, Jake gets a phone call saying that he has to leave to take care of his sick son. The next day, Maggie moves into her apartment, and all goes well. A couple of days later, Sydney is over at Ridge’s apartment and goes to get a pair of socks from his drawer and finds an engagement ring. Sydney is shocked, and Ridge rushes to tell her that it is not hers, it is Maggie’s grandmother’s that Maggie’s grandfather gave him to propose with when they were still together. Sydney and Ridge decide to wait until Jake and Maggie get more serious to give it to Jake. After Maggie spends a couple of nights at Jake’s house, they decide to make it official, and Maggie meets Justice and loves him. A few months later, after a Sound of Cedar Concert, all three couples go out to dinner. Earlier that day, Ridge gave Jake the engagement ring, and he proposes. Then Warren proposes, and then Ridge proposes. They all decide to get married together in Vegas. Ridge is so happy that he found the right girl and gets to love her forever.

I loved this book and think it was a very good read. Another student, Tyla Elise, commented, “Amazing book!! I loved Maybe Someday, and I love Maybe Now even more.”

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