A Review of “Maybe Not”: A Must-Read for Romantic Hearts

Book review on Maybe Not, the second book in Colleen Hoover’s three book series.
Book cover of Maybe Not written by Colleen Hoover.
Book cover of Maybe Not written by Colleen Hoover.
Image/Graphics by Gracie Eyerly

Maybe Not is the second book in author Colleen Hoover’s three-book series called Maybe Someday. This book is much shorter than the other two books and is a little different. The difference between the first and second book is that they come from different people’s perspectives. The first book comes from the two main characters, Ridge and Sydney. The second book comes from Ridge’s roommate and best friend, Warren. Maybe Not’s plot starts a little earlier than Maybe Someday. The book starts off when Brigette, who we know from the first book, moves in because Ridge’s brother Brennan thinks that she could possibly be their sister. At first, Warren doesn’t like Brigette and thinks she is annoying, but he also thinks she is hot. Brigette and Warren start to form a relationship together, but it isn’t official. When Sydney comes into the picture, Brigette gets jealous because she thinks that Warren is in love with Sydney too. Even though this is not the case, it is just in Brigette’s nature to be jealous. This causes Brigette to bring over a guy, but Warren chases him away. Sydney moves in, and Brigette is under the impression that Sydney is deaf like Ridge. Sydney is not deaf and goes along with it when Brigette yells at her, trying to communicate, and Sydney doesn’t respond or even look at her. Finally, Sydney has enough of Brigette, and while Brigette was yelling at her, she snaps and yells back, causing Brigette to storm out of the living room and into her bedroom. Sydney then feels bad and goes to make it up to Brigette. They make up, and that night Brigette finally tells Warren she loves him back, and they begin an official relationship. Warren and Brigette do cute little couple things. At the end of the book, Brigette and Warren move into the same room in their apartment together. An Amazon book reviewer said, “This book is a must-read if you love Maybe Someday like I did. I love how it gives you a look into everything else that happened before Sydney was introduced. The plot twist in the beginning kind of blew my mind.”

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