School Store in 8th Grade Civics


Kaitlyn McGonigal, Author

The 8th grade store is officially open! This is West Branch’s second year running the store, and it’s already a success. During the beginning and end of each Civics period, a chosen student is the “clerk” selling snacks and drinks.

The snacks and prices are chosen by Mr. Matson and our 8th Grade Class President, Sam Fry. Sam will also help in the decision of which cause the money will go to. The reason behind the store is to give students awareness of how our goods are produced. We are also helping initiatives on anti-human trafficking.

Last year, the 8th grade class raised $370 dollars for a Global Awareness. The cause sponsored a boy from Ethiopia through International Childcare Ministries. Mr. Matson enjoys having the store because it will “expand our horizon”.

The store will be running for the rest of the school year, so go check it out!