About the Warrior Watch


The Warrior Watch is the official student news site of West Branch Area Senior High School, established during the 2018-2019 academic year. With a strong commitment to delivering timely and relevant news, the Warrior Watch strives to keep our students, faculty, staff, and community well-informed.

The Warrior Watch is powered by a team of passionate and curious students who bring together a diverse range of interests and expertise. From politics and sports to movies, pop culture, and fashion, our staff members delve into every area of interest that resonates with our readers. Moreover, they also tackle important school-related matters, engage in social discussions, and conduct daily polls to capture the pulse of our student body. Whether you want to stay updated on current events, explore the latest activities and events at WB, or indulge in an engaging feature or editorial piece, the Warrior Watch is your go-to source.

If you’re interested in joining our reporting team, please feel free to contact Mrs. Levonick at jlevonick@westbranch.org or Mrs. Peterson at cpeterson@westbranch.org. We welcome individuals who are passionate about journalism and eager to contribute to our dynamic publication.