About the Warrior Watch


The Warrior Watch is the student news site of West Branch Area Jr/Sr High School. Founded during the 2018-2019 school year, the Warrior Watch strives to bring relevant news and information to our students, faculty, staff, and community.

The staff of Warrior Watch is a collection of enthusiastic and inquisitive students dedicated to finding the facts, arguing a position, or simply investigating something interesting. Every area of interest—politics, sports, movies, pop culture, fashion—is covered by the staff, as are school issues, social discussions, and daily polls. Since the Warrior Watch is a digital newspaper, new stories are published frequently, easily accessible to the typical on-the-go high school student. Whether one just wishes to catch up on current events, explore WB’s current activities and events, or read an entertaining feature or editorial, the Warrior Watch is the place to look.

If you would like to join our reporting team, either contact Mrs. Levonick at jlevonick@westbranch.org or Mrs. Peterson at cpeterson@westbranch.org.