Show Choir is Making a Comeback!


Carrie Fuller, Author

Seniors Bethany Coudreit and Kelly Fuller are bringing back show choir, a fun after-school activity that you can participate in. Starting in November, you can rock the jukebox with many different decades of music and dance. You can sign up for show choir in the high school office, or in the band room. Stay tuned to the announcements for further details about practices, and an upcoming interest meeting being held in early November.

Show choir gives you the opportunity to learn how to sing and dance, no matter what level you might be. Show choir is a great way to learn the basics of dance and singing.

The performance of Rock the Jukebox will be in the spring during the choir concert. Show choir has once been an activity here at West Branch, but it faded away. Bethany and Kelly want to bring it back to share what a magnificent experience they had in Jr. High. Mrs. Sproull is advising this activity.