Elementary Kickoff 2018


Jonah Porter, Elementary Student Reporter

As we kick off the West Branch 2018-2019 school year, some changes have been made.  First off, the door system has been installed in most hallways, which provides more security, but also more hassle just to get through a hallway. Another change for some students is changing schedule, not just at home, but at school too.

For example, maybe you were in Kindergarten, but now you’re in 1st, and your schedule hasn’t changed much; however, maybe you were in 4th, but now you’re in 5th, and your schedule has changed a lot with all the teacher switches and everything.

Here’s an interview from a student: “School has definitely changed since last year” says Keagan Dobo, 5th.  “One change is the library layout’’ he says.  “I’ve been here since Kindergarten, and it hadn’t changed until this year.’’   “Also, the security doors are a change.’’  “It feels weird because we used to barely have any doors, and now you have to walk through doors to get in the hallways.’’

Another student interview: “Some things that have changed are the doors, our security guards, some classes got new kids, and the location of the buses changed” says Brielle Bainey, 5th.

In conclusion, a lot of changes have been made, and whether you think they’re good or not, they’ll certainly impact the school year.


Submitted by Jonah Porter – 5th Grade