2018 Midterm Election Clearfield County Candidates

2018 Midterm Election Clearfield County Candidates

Katlyn Folmar, Author

Voting day is TODAY. The candidates for Clearfield County are as follows:



Ken Krawchuk– Ken Krawchuk is affiliated with the Libertarian Party and wants to decrease taxes and government spending. Krawchuk wants to eliminate parole for violent criminals. Ken will abolish common core and let parents decide which school district to enroll their child in. For more information go to https://www.kenk4pa.com/

Tom Wolf– Tom wolf is the incumbent governor and affiliates with the democratic party. Tom Wolf will support education by making schools safer, preparing students for 21st-century jobs and investing more in pre-K and kindergarten. Tom Wolf is supportive of the environment as well and wants to expand rights for the LGBTQ community. For more information go to https://www.wolfforpa.com/

Scott Wagner– Scott Wagner is running as the Republican candidate. Scott wants to decrease spending from Harrisburg and make sure school funding goes where it belongs. For more info go to https://wagnerforgov.com/

Paul Glover– Paul Glover is running as the Green party candidate. He wants to enact progressive income tax and replace agribusiness with smaller farms. For more info go to https://ballotpedia.org/Paul_Glover


U.S Senate

Neal Gale–  Neal Gale is running as the Green Party candidate for the U.S Senate. Gale supports the medical, recreational, and commercial manufacturing uses of cannabis. Neal Gale also will support giving all Americans Healthcare. For more info go to https://www.gale2018.com/

Bob Casey Jr.–  Bob Casey is running for the U.S Senate as the Democratic candidate. Casey will support agriculture and the environment. He plans to advocate for LGBTQ and women’s’ rights. For more information go to https://www.casey.senate.gov

Lou Barletta– Lou Barletta is running as the Republican candidate. Barletta plans to support education and Second Amendment rights. He is passionate about supporting our veterans as well as limiting government spending. For more info go to https://barletta.house.gov/

Dale Kerns– Dale Kerns is the Libertarian candidate. He wants to limit government spending. Kerns is pro-life but believes the issue of abortion should be left up to the states to decide.   He wants to give the decisions of education back to the families. For more info go to https://dalekerns.com/


U.S House of Representatives

Glenn Thompson– Glenn Thompson is running as the Republican candidate. He supports high-quality affordable education and affordable energy. For more information go to https://thompson.house.gov/

Susan Boser– Susan Boser is running as the Democratic candidate. She supports health care for all Americans. She also advocates for well funded public schools and passes common-sense solutions to gun control for more info go to https://www.susanboserforcongress.com/


Lieutenant Governor

Jeff Bartos– Jeff is running as the Republican candidate alongside Scott Wagner for more info go to https://wagnerforgov.com/about-jeff-bartos/

Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick– Jocolyn is running affiliated to the Green Party She places peace very highly in importance for more information go to https://www.gpofpa.org/jocolyn_bowser_bostick_2018

Kathleen Smith– Kathleen Smith is the Libertarian candidate. She wants to reduce the size of the state government and increase its efficiency, she also wants to decriminalize drug use. She supports the cutting of licensing requirement of businesses.

John Fetterman– John Fetterman is the democratic candidate and believes in Healthcare for all Americans and rights for women. For more info go to https://johnfetterman.com/


Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Thomas Sankey– Thomas Sankey is running affiliated to the Republican party. He is up against no one so he will likely win unless a significant amount of write-in votes are submitted.