Beethoven Would’ve Been Proud Of The Ensemble Club


Noah Fry, Author

The Ensemble Club is an activity club that sparks people’s musical interest. It is a club where you can freely express yourself through playing, singing, dancing, and/or acting. Some students chose this club on top of practicing daily on their music. The club is advised by Mrs. Sproull.

Students are completing a wide variety of musical activities in the club. Megan Yingling and Noah Fry worked on auditions for District Jazz Band. Lily Jones and Adrianna Petro are improving their concert band music, on top of meeting every A and D day for Sr. High Instrumental Music. Aubrey Kennedy is making progress on her independent piano playing. Morgan Gomola and Rachael Kyler are composing a duet. Rachael is singing while Morgan is playing her guitar. Katlyn Folmar is doing many things in the Ensemble Club. She is relearning the saxophone that she played in elementary school, and improving her drama club skills. Sophia Plotner, Livia Blasko, and Anna Letavish are forming an instrumental trio.

These are just some of the things that people in the club are working on.