Jr. High Girls Basketball


Kaitlyn McGonigal, Author

Only three games into the 2018-2019 season and the Jr. High Girls Basketball team is putting up a great fight. There are 15 members on the team. Their record is currently 0-3, and they are hungry for a win.

This year, the team has a new group of coaches. Their Head Coach is Terry Smeal, who is assisted by coaches Beckey Lutchko and Chad Koleno. Each of them set a great example to the girls, and support them every step of the way.

The team is made up of six 8th graders, and nine 7th graders. The girls have goals set, and are well prepared. So far, the Lady Warriors have worked very hard, and are on their way to their first victory.


Season schedule:

Dec 19: WB vs Harmony(4:00)

Dec 21: WB vs Claysburg-Kimmel(4:00)

Jan 2: WB @ Bellwood-Antis(4:00)

Jan 4: WB @ Mo Valley(4:00)

Jan 8: WB vs Mount Union(4:00)

Jan 11: WB vs Juniata Valley(4:00)

Jan 15: WB @ Williamsburg(4:00)

Jan 18: WB @ Glendale(4:00)

Jan 21: WB vs Bellwood-Antis(4:00)

Jan 24: WB @ Claysburg-Kimmel(4:00)

Jan 25: WB @ Harmony(3:45)

Jan 28: WB vs Mo Valley(4:00)

Jan 31: WB @ Mount Union(4:00)

Feb 4: WB @ Juniata Valley(4:00)

Feb 6: WB vs Clearfield(4:00)

Feb 7: WB vs Williamsburg(4:00)


8th Grade Roster:

Hannah Betts

Tayla Dorbolo

Destiney Koppenhaver

Kaitlyn McGonigal

Emily Parks

Kayleigh Smeal


7th Grade Roster:

Katrina Cowder

Marley Croyle

Erin Godin

Jamaica Horsey

Payten Johnson

Jenna Mertz

Allison Shingledecker

Montana Williams

Kaylianne Zitsch