Male Athlete of the Week


Image/Graphics by Jaclyn Yingling

Ayden Gutierrez, Author

Larry Cowder has been selected as the Warrior Watch‘s Male Athlete of the Week for the week ending on 12/16/18. Cowder scored 35 points in the team’s first two games of the season against Bald Eagle and Clearfield. Though the Warriors lost both, Larry shined offensively and defensively in each contest. Larry recorded a numerous amount of blocks and steals as well.

“I love the feeling of being on the court with my friends, having fun, and getting hyped at our games,” Larry said. “I love the feeling of being apart of my team’s success.”

Facts About Larry:

Grade: 12th

Sports he plays: Basketball and Track and Field

Parent’s Names: Valerie and Larry Cowder

Siblings: Katrina and Sarah Cowder

Future Plans: My plans are to go to college to play basketball, major in physical therapy and make my family proud

Favorite Pregame Song: Flip The Switch- Quavo

Favorite Hobbies Besides Sports: Watching Netflix, playing pool and ping pong

Favorite Food: Texas Roadhouse Steak

Favorite College Team: North Carolina

Favorite Professional Player: Kevin Durant