Challenges of Teaching from a Student Perspective


Katlyn Folmar, Author

Walk into Room 201, take a seat and you will see models of human anatomy, some posters related to biology topics and a friendly face at the front of the class.  Meet Mrs. McGonigal–wife, mother, friend, and science teacher, specifically biology and anatomy at West Branch. What is it like to be a teacher for a day?  No matter the subject being taught, all teachers share similar responsibilities and duties.  There are rowdy students with millions of other things on their mind, a teacher, like Mrs. McGonigal who is attempting to share the topic of the particular subject, but also lessons in life that aren’t found in a textbook.  Therein lies the challenge of teaching, being innovative in how to share the information with students in a way that excites them and expands their knowledge as well. But what about before the student enters the classroom?  Teachers such as Mrs. McGonigal spend hours in preparation and planning before ever sharing the first lesson or assigning the first project. When questioned about what she would like students to understand about her job, Mrs. McGonigal stated “Teachers put in a lot of effort to understand the concepts they are teaching.  Try giving them a break.” At first glance, many students think being a teacher is an easy job. However, it just may be one of the most challenging and rewarding careers.