7th Graders Don’t Give a “Hoot”


Elijah Williams, Author

The 7th graders in Mrs. Kennedy class have just finished reading the novel, Hoot. Hoot, written by Carl Hiaasen, is about 3 main characters that become friends and work together to stand up for some burrowing owls that cannot stand up for themselves. In the novel, there is a pancake house which is building a new franchise directly on the burrowing owl’s habitat. The teens end up stopping construction by creating posters and signs that were used to protest against the pancake house.

The 7th graders were given the task of creating protest signs against the pancake house. Mrs. Kennedy said, ” The purpose of this activity is to show the 7th graders who are coming to the high school that they can stand up for what they believe in”. “I just love seeing kids in the hallway standing up for one another and that’s why I love this story.”

Below are some posters that are being featured in Mrs. Kennedy’s Class.