The Stock Market Game Winners


Image/Graphics by Photo courtesy of Mercedes Nearhood

(From left to right): Samuel Fry, Aaron Myers, Hannah Betts, Landon Pase, Isaac Mussleman, Matayha Kerin, and Nicole Walker

Mercedes Nearhood , Author

West Branch Area Middle School dominated the top 10 in the Stock Market Game completion.  A total of 430 students participated in the game from across the state; including students from Philipsburg Osceola Area Middle School.  West Branch had seven 8th graders from Mr. Matson’s civics class that placed in the top 10 of the contest.  The 8th-grade finalists in this contest from West Branch were: Samuel Fry, Aaron Myers, Hannah Betts, Landon Pase, Isaac Musselman, Matayha Kerin, and Nicole Welker.

Final Results

Place      Name Stock Market Value
2nd Sam Fry 119,454.56
3rd Aaron Myers 117,661.90
4th Hannah Betts 116,979.69
5th Landen Pase 114,726.83
6th Isaac Musselman 113,440.48
7th Matayha Kerin 112,904.14
8th Nicole Welker 110,930.00


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