Stress: an Epidemic


Katlyn Folmar, Author

Stress in teens has become more of a problem over the past several years. Students between the ages of 13 and 17, with varying range, experience stress levels higher than the surveyed students consider being healthy. However, a third of the teens say that they weren’t sure if they were managing their stress well. Stress in teens has been reported at even higher rates than that of an adult. Thirty-one percent of teens surveyed by the American Psychological Organization reported feeling overwhelmed. Many students are stressed and the workload of balancing school and home life is exhausting. Students are expected to do up to seven classes worth of homework in one night at times and some of this work can be tedious. On top of all of this work, students try to get a recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Many students also balance extra-curricular activities with school, decreasing the amount of time to get assignments done and increasing the amount of stress they feel. Stress can lead to anxiety and depression if untreated. Some ways to manage stress are taking time for yourself, doing assignments in pieces and not all at once, lower goals set way too high, napping, and talking to a trusted person or friend about your stress. When surveyed about stress in high school Noah Fry said: “ School would be much easier if it didn’t come with a boatload of stress.”


Source- American Psychological Organization