Two Boys Spread Their Wings


Image/Graphics by Photo courtesy of Carrie Fuller

Eagle Scouts Greyson Kyler (left) and Scott Thomas (right)

Carrie Fuller, Author

West Branch seniors Greyson Kyler and Scott Thomas were promoted to Eagle Scouts in January. The two have been involved in Boy Scouts since 2012. While in Scouts, many achievements were made by both Greyson and Scott. They learned how to become great leaders, and have acquired many skills as well. Scott thought that he had many successful years in Scouts. The two were ecstatic when they received the news. “It felt like I just graduated high school, but in a boy scout way,” said Greyson Kyler.

There are many requirements to become an Eagle Scout and an extensive review of the application. In fact, only around 4% of Boy Scouts will become an Eagle Scout. Scouts learn how to be a great leader, perform First Aid and CPR, surviving in the wild, and even how to cook.