Book Review: Divergent

Courtesy of Barns and Noble

Courtesy of Barns and Noble

Madison Kephart, Author

About the Author and book

 Divergent is the first book in the Divergent trilogies written by Veronica Roth. She wrote these books while she was dealing with a personal issue. Veronica Roth suffered from very bad anxiety she created the character Beatrice who faced her problems head-on as almost a therapeutic method of helping her with her anxiety. This book is the first in the Divergent series which includesDivergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the Hunger Games or Maze Runner. Divergent is a lengthy book but is an easy read and you will not be able to put it down.


Divergent is the story of a young girl, Beatrice Prior who lives in a world that is divided into five fractions. Each fraction of society has a specific set of morals they follow. Beatrice was born into one of the factions, but as she reaches adulthood she has the chance to transfer into a faction of her choosing. Before she chooses her factions Abnegation, but as she reaches adulthood she has the chance to transfer into a faction of her choosing. Before she chooses her faction she is put through a simulation to show her which fraction she would suit her most, as did the other kids her age. However, unlike other kids, she had inconclusive results. At the choosing ceremony, she decides to choose Dauntless- a faction that is known for there bravery; warriors of society. Before you are accepted as a member of the fraction you have to go through initiation, a period of testing to see if you will survive or succeed in the fraction. However, when Tris is going through this process she learns she is divergent, meaning she cannot fit into just one of the factions. This is dangerous and she was told to keep that information from everyone and no one could know or her life would be in danger. In the midst of trying to conceal her secret, she learned of a war that was arising within the factions and she was going to be the one to help stop it along with other Divergents. This war caused the fractions to split and the order in society to fall apart many people became fraction-less meaning they no longer belonged to a fraction and had to fend for themselves. Beatrice along with many of her friends help the survivors and they were ready to take down the faction that started it all.