Wizard of Oz Cast List


Photo credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Carrie Fuller, Author

The West Branch production of Wizard of Oz will take place April 5th, 6th, and 7th. The cast is as followed.

Dorothy: Carrie Fuller

Scarecrow/Hunk: Nathan Zetts

Tinman/Hickory: Jack Danko

Lion/Zeke: Todd Howe

Glinda: Allie Danko

Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel: Noah Shingledecker

Emerald City Guard: Noah Fry

Aunt Em: Bethany Coudriet

Uncle Henry: Scott Thomas

Wicked Witch: Hope Hess

Miss. Gulch: Raven Myers

Crows: Kelly Fuller, Raven Myers, Mercedes Nearhood

Trees: Dylanee Bell, Bethany Coudriet, Charity Hess


Mayor: Kelly Fuller

Coroner: Lily Jones

Barrister: Dylan McGonigal

Lullaby League: Madison McDowell, Emily Shingledecker, Gretchen Yatchik

Lollypop Guild: Keagan Dobo, Evan Emigh, Donny Yontosh

City Fathers: Jacob Alexander, Toby Mebs, Braeden Salter

Fiddler: Adrianna Petro

Braggart: Jonathan Hoover

School Teachers: Mercedes Nearhood, Ashley Warner

Munchkin Ensemble: Dorothy Bailor, Samuel Hess, Hilde Lautier, Shasta Manahan, Raven Myers, Treasure Vaughn, Jordan Walker, Madison Wooster


Lead Poppy: Kelly Fuller

Lead Snowflake: Dylanee Bell

Poppies & Snowflakes: Dorothy Bailor, Bethany Coudriet, Charity Hess, Lily Jones, Hilde Lautier, Shasta Manahan, Madison McDowell, Raven Myers, Mercedes Nearhood, Adrianna Petro, Emily Shingledecker, Treasure Vaughn, Jordan Walker, Ashley Warner, Madison Wooster, Gretchen Yatchik


Winkie General: Brendan Zetts

Winkies: Jacob Alexander, Keagan Dobo, Evan Emigh, Noah Fry, Dylan McGonigal, Toby Mebs, Scott Thomas


Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys): Kelly Fuller

Monkeys: Samuel Hess, Jonathan Hoover, Braeden Salter, Donny Yontosh


Lead Jitterbug: Dylanee Bell

Jitterbugs: Bethany Coudriet, Allie Danko, Kelly Fuller, Charity Hess, Madison McDowell, Raven Myers, Mercedes Nearhood, Adrianna Petro, Emily Shingledecker, Jordan Walker, Ashley Warner, Gretchen Yatchik

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