Zito Customers Are Scanning For Answers After Township Hall Meeting


Photo courtesy of Michael Fry

Cooper Township residents air the grievances about Zito Internet, televison and telephone service.

On February 19, 2019, a Cooper Township Zito Media Meeting was held. The meeting took place at the Cooper Township Municipal Building at 7:00 pm. The meeting lasted until 8:17 pm. At 7:00, the headcount was 60. But throughout the meeting, that number extended to over 70.

The meeting started out with Zito Media president James Rigas giving a brief discussion of what’s been going on recently. He stated that in regards to television, they had switched from an analog signal (fairly old technology) to a digital signal (fairly recent technology). In regards to the internet service, he stated that the amount of new Zito numbers has increased, decreasing the internet capacity.

Rigas then addressed concerns. Some people have been having problems with their television service. Such problems include not receiving local channels, getting duplicate channels, and channels having only audio or video. Some people complained that there wasn’t a guide on the television. One person, in particular, had to have a personal guide emailed to them. That person claimed that the guide was wrong. Rigas promised that the equipment running the television channels would be updated in the next 30 days. This will double or triple the internet speed and improve television service.

Citizens of Cooper Township are also having problems with the internet speeds. Customers are paying for a certain amount of Mbps (50, 100, or 200), and getting less than half of that. One person said that their son is paying for 200 Mbps and getting around 3-5. The average speeds people were getting were 1-5 Mbps when people are paying for much more than that. Internet companies are required to give at least 80 percent of the speeds that were promised. So if you’re paying for 50 Mbps, they are required to give a minimum of 40 Mbps.  Citizens of Cooper Township are not getting the speeds promised. Again, the internet and channel capacity are supposed to expand in the next 30 days.

Rigas was surprised about how many outraged customers there were. Some people walked out in the middle of the meeting due to their unanswered questions. Quotes like these were made during the meeting:

How many service calls does it take?”

— Cooper Township Citizen

That was the longest NO I’ve ever heard in my life.”

— Cooper Township Citizen

I’m missing The Walking Dead, you know?”

— Cooper Township Citizen