Region 3 Choir Representative


Image/Graphics by Photo courtesy of Jenifer Sproull

Senior Nathan Zetts will be attending Region Choir at Glendale High School.

Senior Nathan Zetts will be proudly representing the West Branch Music Dept. at the PMEA Region 3 Choir Festival as a bass 1. He will be practicing and performing at Glendale High School, March 20 to 22. Dr. Anthony Leach will be the guest conductor of this festival. Nathan has worked tremendously throughout the past months in order to make it to regions. During the District 4 Choir Festival, Nathan had to go through a meticulous audition process that got him into Regions. At Regions, Nathan will have to go through, yet again another more intense audition to see if he will go to the PMEA All-State Festival in April. The last student to make it to Regions was Bennett Salter in 2016.

Nathan has been part of the West Branch Choir since 5th grade. When he heard the great news he was ecstatic. Nathan likes to attend the PMEA festivals because he likes to sing with his friends and learn new singing techniques.