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Bethany Coudriet (left) waits for her prom date to enter the auditorium.

Matt and Bethany

I asked Matt over text if he wanted to go to prom with me and he said, YES”! However, I still wanted to do a promposal. I planned on doing it at this year’s district choir festival. The night before the festival, the girls I roomed with and I worked on a poster which said, “Please “Take Five” and try not to “Snicker”. I would give me “Mounds” of “joy” if you would be my “Sweet Tart” at prom?  It should be “Good and Plenty” of fun. There is sure to be “Airheads” and “Nerds” but we for sure will be the “Hot Tamales”. Let’s have some “Laughs” at prom May 18th.” I got to the school where the festival was being held and I waited for him to enter. My friend Mikayla brought him over to see the poster in front of the whole auditorium. Matt read it and said yes! We hugged and realized everyone in the auditorium was clapping.


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