A Day As A Blue Band Member


Image/Graphics by Photo Courtesy of a Kind Bystander

WB Band members outside of the O. Richard Bundy Blue Band Building. Left to Right Skylar Moskol, Mercedes Nearhood, Megan Yingling, Joshua Guerra, Elijah Williams, Dalton Kristofits.

On Saturday, April 13th, six members of your very own West Branch Warrior Marching Band visited Penn State University and played within members of their Blue Band. This was part of the Blue Band’s second annual March Forward Event, which took place during Penn State’s Blue and White Game. A total of 275 recruits signed up for this event. The day was full of events for the recruits.

It started with an early rise with registration starting at 10:00 am. While waiting for registration to close, recruits were given a chance to look into virtual reality goggles and see what members saw during last years White Out Game.  Following registration, all 275 recruits and guardians were seated in the band room. They were given a presentation about what all PSU has to offer. After the presentation recruits were separated into their sections and had an hour sectional with the members of the Blue Band. The recruits then sat in the band room and watched “Making the Blue Band.” Then the recruits paraded up to Beaver Stadium. They played during the Blue and White game and then paraded back to the band room, ending the eventful day.

Senior Megan Yingling said that her favorite part about being there was she got the chance to listen to how well the Blue Band played and memorized their tough music. She also said that she loved the way that they marched making their parades interesting.