And the Award Goes to…The Seniors!?!


Photo Courtesy of Abigale Kramer

Seniors Nathan Zetts, and Julia Herring were voted Most Likely to be Famous

The Senior class recently voted for the 2019 senior superlatives. The Annual tradition allows others to see what the students are really like. The Yearbook staff dedicates a whole page in the yearbook. The results have come in, and here are the 2019 Senior Superlatives.


Most Spirited: Mallarie Maines and Gage Thompson

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Josh Guerra and Jessica Lannen

Most Creative: Nathan Zetts and Sydney Grey

Most Likely to Succeed: Jen Adams and Quentin Maguire

Class Clown: Hope Hess and John Arnold

Most Likely to be Famous: Julia Herring and Nathan Zetts

Most Competitive: Jake Shaw and Emily White

Funniest Laugh: Rj Callahan and Delaney Cherry

Partners in Crime: Gage Thompson and Terry Smeal

Most Musical: Rachel Heitsenrather and Nathan Zetts

Loudest: Korbin Holliday and Ruthie Betts

Most Changed: Nathan Zetts

Least Changed: Jen Adams

Couple that Should Have Been: Julia Herring and Kyle Myers

Best to Bring Home to the Family: Jen Adams and Mason Bock

Best Dressed: Mason Bock and Carolyn Folmar

Pearly Whites: Emily White and Larry Cowder

Prettiest Peepers: Jess Lannen and Tyler Denochick

Most Athletic: Hailey Prestash and Derek Yingling

Hall Loiters: Beth-Ann Williams  and Matt White

Reckless Drivers: Marina Mann and Josh Guerra

Most Gullible: Matt White and Alyssa Ferguson

Worse Case of Senioritis: Marina Mann and William Brilla

Always Needs a Ride: Gage Thompson and Jess Lannen

Tallest: Larry Cowder

Shortest: Kelly Fuller