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Teacher Appreciation Week at West Branch (Elementary)

Teacher Appreciation Week at West Branch (Elementary)

Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 lasts from Monday, May 6th – Friday, May 10th. Here at WB, all of our teachers are wonderful! Students and community members have sent in snippets of why they appreciate those teachers. (Click on photo.) If you missed out on this opportunity to reach out, don’t worry.  You can always send an email to that special teacher or better yet tell them in person!

Mrs. Gregory
Mr. Marsh
Mrs. Reams
Mrs. S Buck
Mrs. Lucas
Mrs. White
Mrs. Josephson
Mrs. Koleno
Mr. Beer
Mrs. Walton
Mrs. MacTavish
Mr. Wood
Mrs. Wood
Mr. G Hubler
Mr. Wilson
Mr. J Koleno
Mrs. Gibson
Mrs. Trude
Mr. D. McCamley
Mrs. Carter
Mrs. Rockey
Mrs. Lawrence
Mrs.  Ropchock
Mrs. Timblin
Mrs. Cantolina
Mrs. Galley
Mrs. K Hubler
Mr. Stilson
Mr. Yarrison
Mrs. Petrisky
Mr. C Koleno
Mrs. Green
Mrs. Lumadue
Mrs. Mcdowell
Mrs. P. McGonigal
Mrs. Yingling
Mrs. Moslak
Mr. White
Mrs. O’Hare
Mr. Norris
Mr. Mcclelland
Mrs. Lutchko
Mrs. Ewing
Mrs. J Buck
Mrs. Betts

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