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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mrs. Bollinger

Sra. B, Thank you for being not only a great Spanish teacher but also a great role model! I always felt comfortable in your class and we had a lot of great times in Spanish 3! I’ll always remember our times in Spain and the many memories me made! Jennifer Adams

I appreciate Mrs. Bollinger because she makes learning Spanish fun. Noah Fry

I appreciate Mrs. Bollinger because she works so hard to create her own games and make Spanish fun. I also love all of the videos she shows us! Trinity Prestash

We appreciate her because she makes Spanish class fun. Mara Dale & Gretchen Yatchik

Sra. B, you inspired me to minor in Spanish in college. Thanks for always being caring and inspiring. anonymous

Sra. B, Hola Sra, ?Que tal? I just wanted to say gracias for making Spanish class fun. Never change your ways of teaching. Adios for now. Rachael K.

Sra. Bollinger, Than you for being an amazing, supportive teacher. We appreciate the fun you bring to class every day and how you can always brighten our day! Rai y Amelia

Mrs. Bollinger, Thank you for always making class fun and thank you for having the guts to take crazy kids to other countries! 🙂 Emily (with lots of shoulder pats)

I appreciate Mrs. Bollinger because she is always positive and says “hola” to me every day.  Eleyna Hanslovan


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