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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mr. D. McCamley

You are a great teacher, you are so awesome and nice. You have helped me through so much and have taught me so much. I will grow up and remember something and be like oh yea I’m so happy that teacher taught me that. You have always been so helpful and have helped me to become a better teacher I appreciate you. Sadie Carter

The definition of irony is giving birth to a child who struggles with and dislikes greatly the subject you’ve dedicated your life to teaching. Yet there I was with said child. That is until Mr. McCamley got ahold of him in 5th grade. 3 years later my son excels at math and I still feel grateful to Mr. McCamley. This also occurred at a time when Common Core was being introduced and it made teaching math so much more difficult. Thank you again Mr. McCamley. Betty Fry

When I had you my 5th-grade year I was scared out of my mind because I had never had a guy teacher before, but once I met you I wasn’t scared anymore. Throughout the year you taught me how to show kindness for the ones you love in many ways. You taught me a lot of things, but the big thing was kindness. I had never really thought that I was being mean to a bunch of people until you taught me how to really be nice. I even showed you how much I care when I brought in a bunch of candy for your treasure box.
Thank you Mr. McCamely
-Joelle Fletcher

You’re the nicest teacher. Greyson Gable

I appreciate Mr. McCamley because he was my light every day and was inspiring.  Ally Shingledecker

Thanks for inspiring me to become a teacher. -Kelly Fuller

Mr. McCamley is my favorite teacher because he doesn’t give up on you. Greyson Gable

Mr. McCamley is my favorite teacher because he was really good at teaching math. Samuel Hess

Mr. McCamley was an awesome 5th grade teacher. He made class really fun and he was really nice to everyone. He was amazing. Braeden Salter

Mr. McCamley was always a well known and an amazing teacher. He taught me to believe in myself, and always pushed me to be a great student. He helped me accomplish many goals, and having him as a teacher was a pleasure of mine. Kaitlyn McGonical

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