Image/Graphics by Kaitlyn McGonigal

One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mrs. C McGonigal

Thank you for always being enthusiastic and determined to teach us anatomy! It truly does mean a lot. You’ve taught me so much in just a year. Thank you for caring and giving us your time! I’ll miss you and your class. Jennifer Adams

I would like to thank Mrs. Cheryl McGonigal for preparing us students for our future and even having to put up with how immature and disrespectful some of us students can be. Yet, even after some kids try to make your day go terrible, you come back the next day and act like yesterday never happened. That shows us students just how amazing and determined you are to help us create our futures. Along with showing students that you are a true warrior.  Calysta Owens

I appreciate Mrs. McGonigal because she is such a great teacher. Even though I’ve never had you for a class study hall with you was the absolute best! Can’t wait to have you as a teacher my senior year I’ve heard great things. Trinity Prestash

She’s a great teacher and actually takes her time to make sure students are getting taught instead of just being here. Jazlyn Robb

She’s an amazing teacher. She’s kind and supportive but hard on kids when she needs to be. -Anonymous

I really enjoy having you for Anatomy because you’re such an upbeat person!  No matter how you’re feeling, you always make sure we have fun learning. I’m definitely going to miss you when I graduate! Thanks for everything! anonymous

Thank you for actually teaching and doing activities in class instead of just doing notes and expecting us to learn the material on our own, oh and for your brutal honesty! haha    Julia Herring

Thank you for being an amazing teacher who has taught me many things and being someone who will always make me laugh. April Clinger

Thank you for being such a role model throughout my high school years. You have had the whole Schnarrs crew throughout your teaching years and hey it’s okay to admit I was your favorite one! Thank you for being such a amazing teacher and making everything so easy to remember. I am grateful I got to have you my senior year one last time and get on your nerves. Thank you for being such a loving teacher but not taking it easy on us. Mackenzie Schnarrs

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