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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mrs. Peterson

Thank you so much for teaching me not only United States History and Sociology but also the many life and social lessons! You have always been there to rant to or to talk with. Anytime I needed help, you always did your best. I will miss you and your class so much! Thank you for being you! West Branch is lucky to have you! Jennifer Adams

Mrs. Peterson is one of the best teachers I know. She uses up to date pedagogy to plan exciting multi-layer lessons. But she is so humble that she never realizes how good she is. The number one indicator of a great teacher? The kids know the content AND they love the teacher. Betty Fry

I appreciate Mrs. Peterson because she taught me to love history again. I love playing Hoodwink and can’t wait to have you again as my sociology teacher in the upcoming years! Trinity Prestash

I want to say thank you for always making your class something to look forward to. You always knew how to brighten my day with your passion for teaching. Thank you! -Anonymous

You made history fun to learn, it’s been my favorite high school class so far. You made it very comfortable to come to you when I needed a trusted adult. I miss having classes with you. Lexy Smeal





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