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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mr. Socash

You are a great teacher, you are so awesome and nice. You have helped me through so much and have taught me so much. I will grow up and remember something and be like oh ya I’m so happy that teacher taught me that. You have always been so helpful and have helped me to become a better teacher I appreciate you. Sadie Carter

You let me annoy you which is fun. You are a very cool teacher, and you really helped with the PSSA’s. Sarah Sabol

He is always supportive and always wants to help when he can. Jenna Mertz

He is a really nice friend. -anonymous

Mr. Socash is the most chill teacher I have ever had. -anonymous

Mr.Socash because he’s funny and he good at showing/explaining things.  Isaac Musselman

Mr. Socash is a amazing teacher because he is fun and humorous as well, he sometimes lets the class do as they want as long as they get the work done but he also makes sure we learn and are prepared. Patience Cox

Some of my favorite teachers this year and last year are Mrs. fry, Mr.socash, Mr.carr. They all make class a lot of fun. Gabe McCamley

I appreciate Mr.Socash because he is a very good teacher and is funny. Haley Wooster

Mr. Socash is a great teacher and he’s been my favorite teacher since 7th grade and he makes class fun. Emily Parks

Mr. Socash is my favorite teacher because he can take jokes and tells them, he talks about basketball with me sometimes, and chemistry/science are two subjects I really like. Sage Carr

Mr. Socash is funny! Shianna Hoover


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