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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mrs. Swisher

Thank you, Mrs. Swisher, for teaching us all so well last year. Even though sometimes it seemed like we weren’t learning since it was so fun everyone was prepared for the Keystones. I miss you having you every day in class! Trinity Prestash

I appreciate Mrs. Swisher because she can help you when needed. -Anonymous

Mrs. Swisher was my mentor the year I was hired full time for WB decades ago. She is firm, fun and fair. She develops positive relationships with students others struggle with, which positively influences their education. After 20 years of teaching, she is still the first person I turn to when I have a problem or question. I am beyond grateful that all three of my sons have been taught by her. Betty Fry

I like her crocs. They make me happy. 🙂   -Anonymous

I appreciate how Mrs. Swisher explains a topic to our class if we don’t get it.  She will help us through activities that better explain the topic, so we can know it for our test.  -Anonymous

She is a reasonable, fun teacher. She has a fun and interactive way of teaching. Madison Kephart

I appreciate Mrs. Swisher because she always has good smelling foaming hand soaps.  Also, she is a really great teacher and helps me understand Biology.  Eleyna Hanslovan

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