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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mrs. Koleno

Mrs. Koleno is the world’s best teacher. If you are in 2nd grade, you would want her.  -anonymous

She is the best teacher in the world. Julian

She is a really nice teacher and is one of the best teachers ever. She teaches us things and is awesome. anonymous

She is the best teacher ever. She will teach us anything she has to teach us. She is the best. Elizabeth Maines

She always teaches us stuff we understand. -anonymous

She is pretty and kind, nice, talented. -anonymous

She is the best teacher ever. Alexis Condon

She is the best teacher and she helps us learn a lot of stuff and she is really sweet and nice and pretty. -anonymous

Mrs. Koleno is a good teacher.  Sadie Smeal

She is a really nice teacher to all of us. She helps us when we’re down and gives treats to all of us. Maddex

Mrs. Koleno loves star wars. She has mars on the wall. -anonymous

She is so nice and kind. She is so helpful, and she is the best 3rd grade teacher. Lilly

Mrs. Koleno is very kind. -Anonymous

I appreciate you because you encouraged me in performing Teen Beach Movie in front of the class. Noah Fry

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