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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Image/Graphics by Noah Fry

One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mr. Petrunak

Mr. Petunak made learning Biology so much fun.  He had so many fun sayings that made learning the vocabulary a blast.  I also had no problem in college when I had to take Biology as an elective.  Thanks again! Debra Galley


Thank you to Mr. Thomas Petrunak for your fun way of teaching and yet still preparing students for college. I can’t image the trek from Portage every day. Betty Leathers

I love walking into a current biology class and ask what they’re learning… Oh, genetics? Like Gregor Mendel and his pea plants? I can still call forth so much biology it’s ridiculous.  I was in the “virgin” anatomy class as Mr. Petrunak called it and can still tell you how many bones are in the wrist and which one he wouldn’t say and why.  I can tell you where the sternocleidomastoid is. I can describe what shifting your frogs gears means and how I got away with not doing it because of a new teacher named Bob Rocco. I learned so very very much from you. Thank you. Betty Fry (barr body)

Ohh,….(you know!) #9
And how can you forget the blue crab or his unique ties?
I am proud to have been able to consider Mr. Petrunak my favorite science teacher and colleague. He encouraged my love of science and allowed me to explore dissections, in particular, in my pursuit of becoming a vet. Well, that didn’t go as planned but I used his inspiration in the classroom to help me find my true calling…being a teacher that generally cares for the students and what their passions are.  Jen Brickley

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