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One of our many appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Image/Graphics by Noah Fry

One of our many last appreciated teachers here at West Branch.

Mr. Leskovan

Mr. Joe Leskovan taught my ’94-’95 Geometry Math class Sophmore year.  Until this particular year, math was never my strong subject.  Was it his back-to-basics, attention to detail, constant feedback approach?  Or was it just being a relatable, caring teacher who put stickers on HS students’ exams for exemplary scores?  Whatever “it” was, he had the “it factor” that made me understand math.  I am very grateful that Mr. Leskovan taught math to me.  I still use strategies and techniques in my classroom that I learned from him.  I have Mr. Leskovan in my thoughts this Teacher Appreciation Week.  Phil Wood


Words cannot describe how I feel about this teacher.  He is the reason I am a teacher. I see him in some things I do today. I’m pretty sure he still walks the halls and laughs when I make my students laugh.  I asked for years for a tree to be planted in his honor and was rejected for various reasons. Not now, if we do that, we have to do everyone we’ve lost, etc. Then a few years ago I realized we didn’t need to plant a tree in his honor. He was that tree. And every student he influenced was a branch.  I am a branch to his tree- carrying on math education in what I hope is a fun way. Then those I influence are also on Joe’s tree. They branch off my branch and so forth. Love you Joe. Thank you for so much. Betty Fry (Betz)



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