2018-2019 Team Academic Excellence Award


Image/Graphics by J. Prestash

Lady Warrior Soccer Team

The athletic department honors a West Branch athletic team each year for Academic Excellence. The 2018-2019 Award Winner is the Varsity Girls Soccer Team.


“This demonstrates the well-rounded students we have at WB as they excel not only on the playing fields/courts but in the classroom as well.”

— Mr. Williamson, Atletic Director

The winning team will be engraved on the trophy that is located in the trophy case outside the new gym. To win the team must have the highest average academically. All varsity team members’ grades are averaged for the first three marking periods.





” I applaud each of you as you make a priority to remind the members of your teams that they indeed are a student-athlete and the student portion is a priority.”

— Mr. Williamson












Varsity Football: 88.98 (29 team members)

Varsity Boys Cross Country: 90.10 (7 team members)

Varsity Girls Cross Country: 92.54 (7 team members)

Varsity Girls Soccer: 94.63 (16 team members)

Varsity Volleyball: 91.68 (15 team members)

Cheerleading: 91.17 (7 team members)

Varsity Wrestling: 86.70 (16 team members)

Varsity Boys Basketball: 91.26 (15 team members)

Varsity Girls Basketball: 93.68 (12 team members)

Varsity Softball: 92.45 (12 team members)

Varsity Baseball: 89.77 (15 team members)

Varsity Boys Track/Field: 90.26 (24 team members)

Varsity Girls Track/Field: 94.33 (17 team members)