Senior Night of Excellence

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Senior Night of Excellence

June 6 was awards night for WB's graduating seniors

June 6 was awards night for WB's graduating seniors

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June 6 was awards night for WB's graduating seniors

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June 6 was awards night for WB's graduating seniors


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On June 6th, there was a ceremony to present awards to seniors. 
Warrior Pride!
Hailey Prestash – Valedictorian Certificate
Morgan Emigh – Salutatorian

Top Graduates Award $100 each  
Hailey Prestash, Morgan Emigh, Carolyn Folmar, Emily White, Jennifer Adams Mrs. Amanda Ward

Recognition of Honor Graduates Medals  
Hailey Prestash, Morgan Emigh, Carolyn Folmar, Emily White, Jennifer Adams, Julia Herring, Quentin Maguire, Nathan Zetts, Rachel Heitsenrether, Shannae Fetterolf, Hope Hess, David Guerra, Larry Cowder, John Arnold, Maggie Dale, Derek Yingling, Justin Clark, Matthew Fluck, Terry Smeal, Joshua Guerra, Elizabeth Moore, Ruth Betts, Jeffrey Trimpey

Crystal Berkley Top Senior $100 presented  
Hailey Prestash

Crystal Berkley Inspiration Award $100  
Chelsey Wilson-Grosser

M & T Bank Senior Business Award $100  
Mackenzie Schnarrs

CNB Top Calculus Student $125  
Quentin Maguire

President’s Award for Educational Excellence Certificate  
Jennifer Adams, John Arnold, Ruth Betts, Justin Clark, Maggie Dale, Morgan Emigh, Shannae Fetterolf, Matthew Fluck, Carolyn Folmar, Joshua Guerra, Rachel Heitsenrether, Julia Herring, Hope Hess, Quentin Maguire, Elizabeth Moore, Hailey Prestash, Emily White, Derek Yingling, Nathan Zetts

CCCTC Outstanding Recognition
Outstanding Students by Program Certificate Mr. Nikolas Bisko
Administrative Office Technology – Bailee Hazel
Carpentry – Hudson Pase
Collision – James Bainey
Culinary – Chelsey Wilson-Grosser
Information Technology – Jeffrey Trimpey
CCCTC Outstanding Student of the Year Certificate Mr. Nikolas Bisko
Branden Evans

Music and Drama Recognition

National School Choral Award Certificate 
Kelly Fuller

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award Certificate 
Megan Yingling

Drama MVP Certificate 
Hope Hess

Supporting Actor (Isaac Award Nominee) Certificate  
Nathan Zetts – Scarecrow

Ensemble Group (Isaac Award Nominee) Certificate  
Scott Thomas – Winkies

Arion Award Certificate  
Megan Yingling

Stephen Coble Award Certificate  
Kelly Fuller

John Philip Sousa Award Certificate  
Rachel Heitsenrether

Charles H. Rowland Award $50  
Rachel Heitsenrether Certificate

Drama Club Scholarship $250  
Nathan Zetts WB Drama Club

Military Recognition & Awards

Recognition of Military Enlistments Certificate  
Derek Yingling-West Point Prep Academy, Erich Eichmiller-US Marines, Andrew Dawes-US Air Force, Jacob Shaw-Army National Guard

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards Certificate by Sgt. Ray A. Penny
Ruth Betts and Joshua Cantolina US Marines

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award Certificate by Sgt. Ray A. Penny
Jennifer Adams US Marines

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award Certificate by Sgt. Ray A. Penny
Rachel Heitsenrether US Marines

Hunter Probst Memorial Award $500  
Derek Yingling

Citizenship Awards

Eagle Scout Recognition Certificate by Mr. Erick Johnston
Scott Thomas, Greyson Kyler, Andrew Dawes

Athletic Recognition

Recognition of Athletes Certificate 
Jennifer Adams – ICC All-Star (Soccer)
Josh Cantolina – Moshannon Valley League All-Star, ICC All-Star (Baseball)
Tyler Denochick – 7th Place PIAA Winner (Wrestling)
Larry Cowder – 1000+ Points Junior Season (Basketball), MVP (Track and Field)
Julia Herring – 100 Career Hits (Softball)
Hailey Prestash – 3-Time State Qualifier, 2016 ICC Champion, 2018 ICC Co-Champion, 3-Time ICC All-Star, 3-Time Most-Valuable Runner, 32 Career Race Wins, Record Best Female Time (18:59), Recruited to run Cross Country at Division 1 St. Francis University (Cross Country), MVP (Track and Field)
Jacob Shaw – Lezzer Lumber Football All-Star Classic (Football)
Terry Smeal – Lezzer Lumber Football All-Star Classic (Football)
Emily White – ICC All-Star (Soccer)
Derek Yingling – 3rd Team PWCA All-Academic Team, 5th Place PIAA, 3-time PIAA state medalist (Wrestling)
Derek Yingling – 1847 Yards Rushing, Lezzer Lumber Football All-Star Classic (Football)

District VI 2018 Sportsmanship Awards Medal 
Hailey Prestash and Derek Yingling

Presentation of Scholarships
Varsity Club Scholarships $200 each 
Julia Herring and Derek Yingling

Butler Trucking Company Scholar-Athletes of the Year $2,000/trophy 
Emily White and Larry Cowder

Christopher Shimmel Wrestling Scholarship $100  
Derek Yingling

Cross Country Scholarships 2 @ $150 each, $125, $100
Hailey Prestash, Justin Clark, Joshua Guerra, and Benjamin Lanager  

Matthew Mark Sabol II Scholarship $1,000 The Sabol Family
Julia Herring

Harold Donald Whipple Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Julia Whipple/The LOONS
Rachel Heitsenrether Ron Newcomer, Bryan Miller, Todd Miller

Geo Group Scholarships by Mr. Dane Danko
Hailey Prestash, Nathan Zetts, John Arnold, Jennifer Adams, Shannae Fetterolf 5 @ $500 The GEO, Inc.
Terry Smeal and Delaney Cherry 2 @ $250

Sue Betts and Family Scholarship $300 each by Mrs. Susan Betts
Julia Herring and Rachel Heitsenrether

Philipsburg Elks Scholarships $500 each by Mr. Larry Johnson
Carolyn Folmar and Joshua Guerra Elks Officer

Keno Beezer Scholarship $1000 each by Mr. William “Keno” Beezer
Ruth Betts and Joshua Cantolina

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Scholarship $500 by Genya Bannon
Rachel Heitsenrether Regent of the Court
Court Saint Victoria #646
Catholic Daughters of the Americas

YMCA Scholarship $250 by Hannah Wildman
Jennifer Adams 

Kurtz Bros. Scholarship $2,600 byMrs. Vicki Myers
Emily White Clearfield Ed. Foundation

Penn Highlands Clearfield Scholarship $3,000 by Mrs. Vicki Myers
Morgan Emigh 

WBEA Scholarships (3) $200 each 
WBEA #1 – Derek Yingling WBEA
WBEA #2 – Ruth Betts
WBEA #3 – Hailey Prestash

WBESPA Scholarship $200 
Joshua Cantolina

Mildred E. Carlson Scholarship $1,000 
Morgan Emigh

Mountain View Center Scholarship $500  
Morgan Emigh

IUP Scholarship $2,040/year  
Julia Herring

Loren R. and Mary Jones Viehdorfer Merit Scholarship $500  
Julia Herring

William W. & Catherine S. Strange Mem. Scholarship $100 Mrs. Jennifer Porter
Terry Smeal

Eric Mosley Memorial Scholarship $250  
Janessa Huff

Robert Kyler/Edward Hanslovan Jr. Mem. Scholarship $500  
Quentin Maguire

Student Government Scholarship $250  
Shannae Fetterolf

Other Scholarships and Recognition

Burger King $1000 – Bethany Coudriet
Clarion University $2000/year- Zoe Lawhead
Mount Aloysius $2000/year –Delaney Cherry
IUP Culinary Grant $3000 -Shannae Fetterolf
IRONman Scholarship $600 & Elizabeth Baker Scholarship (Juniata College) $25,000 Ruth Betts  
Penn State Provost $5000 -Nathan Zetts