Changes Happening in 2019-2020


There will be some exciting changes happening in the 2019-2020 school year. One is the middle school. Students in grades 5th through 8th will now be in a middle school. See West Branch is Adding a Middle School for more information. Because of the middle school being added, doors were put in, one by the high school office and one in the middle of ninth grade hall, and some in other areas of the school.  This is to separate the high school students from the middle school students.

The middle school and high school will also be sharing some teachers, (some will be changing rooms). There are also some new faculty being added to the school as well. A new band director, Mr. Lance Jones, new assistant tech coordinator, Tom Klinger, and a new part-time tech aide Branden Evans. There will be changes in administration too. The high school will continue to have Mr. Holenchik as the principal and Mrs. Hubler as their guidance counselor.  The middle school’s principal is Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Porter as the guidance counselor. The elementary school will have Mrs. Koleno as principal and Mrs. Grabowski as the guidance counselor.

There are some changes in rules for high school students. Student drivers are no longer permitted to park at the Gethsemane Church. They will be assigned a parking spot at the school. Also, seniors who leave early (whether it is for a job or another reason) must have prior approval from Mr. Holenchik before doing so. Working students may leave after 5th period, as long as their schedules show that they have all the classes required for them to graduate. Students without jobs, but have a study hall 1st or 8th period may come in late or leave early with Mr. Holenchik’s approval. Although, these students must meet academic and attendance standards of WB High School in order to have this privilege.

There is a minor change in the backpacks and lockers policy also. Every student will be assigned a locker, they may carry a bag or backpack as long as it can be placed under a desk and out of the way so no one trips over it. Students with instrument cases or sports bags must place their belongings in the coaches office or in the band room.

Another difference is in times. The high school and middle school will be starting at 8:00 A.M.  and the elementary will be starting at 9:00 A.M. If you would like to know more about the later starting times, read Carrie Fuller’s article Sleepy Teens: An Epidemic 

Because of the middle school being added and the later start time, the high school will be running on a new master schedule: