2019 Spirit Week Announced!

2019 Spirit Week Announced!

Show your school spirit by dressing up for spirit week!

Please email your spirit week pictures to warriorwatch@westbranch.org.

Monday 9/16 – Meme Day

A meme is a cultural phenomenon, usually a joke, that becomes a trend. If you are unfamiliar with memes, just do a quick Google search for popular memes. Dress up as your favorite one for meme day! For example, you could dress up as a VSCO Girl, Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh, or Drake.

Image result for vsco girl     Image result for tuxedo winnie the pooh meme     Image result for drake meme

*Elementary will be doing Flannel Day on Monday

Get into the spirit of fall and wear a comfortable flannel shirt!

Tuesday 9/17 – Hawaiian Day

Join the luau by wearing leis, hula skirts, and Hawaiian shirts!

Wednesday 9/18 – Decade Day

Dress up as your favorite decade! Whether it’s wearing an afro from the 70s or becoming emo from the 2000s, any decade will suffice for Wednesday!

Thursday 9/19 – Favorite Team Day

Have a favorite sports team? Show some pride for that team by either wearing its merchandise or even wearing its team colors!

Friday 9/20 – Red, White, and Blue Day

Show some Warrior Pride by wearing our school colors, red, white, and blue!

*No full face paint or masks allowed. Hats are okay in halls, but not in classrooms. Dress code must be followed with all costumes.