TV Show Review: Stranger Things

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Eleyna Hanslovan, Assistant editor

After being extremely popular during the first and second seasons, the Netflix series, Stranger Things, has recently released a new season in July of 2019 that re-sparked the interest of many previous season watchers and fans. 

Stranger Things is a thriving Netflix TV series that catches the attention of watchers due to its exciting and thrilling horror plot. As soon as Stranger Things 3 was released this summer, people of all ages binge-watched and fanned over the surprising and shocking new episodes. 

The first season begins when a young boy mysteriously disappears in the small, quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. The missing boy’s quirky and adventurous friends, a girl with telekinetic abilities, and a lazy, stress-free cop search for the missing boy and discover something much worse. 

Want to find out the secrets in Hawkins, Indiana? Watch seasons one, two, and three of Stranger Things on Netflix to find out.