Alumni Watch: Spencer Folmar

Former West Branch Warrior, Spencer Folmar, has been doing nothing but spectacular things since graduating in 2008. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies from Grove City College, a Masters of Theology from reformed theological seminary, masters of fine arts candidate from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and a Masters of Business Administration student at Texas A&M University. Spencer has directed four films and produced seven, including his 2017 hit “Generational Sins” and his newest film “Shooting Heroin”. Spencer is also looking into getting into the theater-owning business. He now owns the Guthrie Theater in Grove City, Pennsylvania and is looking into purchasing more to create the largest independent theater chain in America.

Folmar said, “I love West Branch, it’s probably the institute that had the biggest impact on my life. The school is full of wonderful teachers and is engulfed by a great community. Despite all the schools I’ve been to, West Branch will always be closest to my heart. I still wear my West Branch graduation ring every day. Even as I sit here in Germany, location scouting for my next movie, I wear my ring. West Branch is home for me. I am extremely thankful for my time there and every time I’ve been back.”