TikTok: A World Wide Addiction



As many know, TikTok, a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos, has become increasingly popular with teens across the globe and at West Branch.  Most students in our school use TikTok for watching or making comedy videos.

At West Branch, TikTok trends are very popular and many students participate in these popular trends. Learning TikTok dances, making comedy skits, and TikTok challenges are some of the constant trends on TikTok. Recently, the favorite TikTok trends going around are, “Ok boomer,” autotune videos, hashtag challenges, and several others. Although many West Branch students are addicted to this exciting app, they are not the only generation that finds TikTok appealing. West Branch alumni are also obsessed with TikTok.

TikTok has become an international sensation over the past year and does not only entertain with its hilarious videos and content, but also introduces and educates viewers on new cultures from across the globe.

What is West Branch’s Favorite TikTok Trend?:

Ok Boomer – Hayley Wooster

POV Trend- Matayha Kerin

Choose Your Character- Jadyn George

Go Demarcus- Kaitlyn McGonigal

TikTok Dances- Kassidy Schmidt

“Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s a mental illness”, with a British accent- Sarah Betts

TikTok Dances- Destiney Koppenhaver

Renegade Dance- Meghan Cantolina

Alex French- Olivia Straka

Transplant Surgery- Lauren Timblin

Just Did A Bad Thing- Noah Fry

Nose Job Check- Tayla Dorbolo

TikTok Dances- Megan Glace

TikTok Dances- Rachel White